TV Mounting

TV Mounting: Removal & Installation

Do you need TV mounting services? Whether you need services to remove a TV from a wall mount or to mount a TV at your new place, we got you! Don’t struggle with the task yourself when we can help you out quickly and efficiently. Be sure to let us know ahead of time if you would like to have the service provided on moving day. Please have a TV mount on-site and ready to hand over to the crew to get your TV mounted pronto.

Remove TV from Mount

We can help out with removing your TV from the wall mount at your old place! A fee of $15.00 will apply to remove the TV from the mount. If you get your TV mounted at the new place, the removal fee is waived. We do not provide service to repair any holes left in the drywall after removing the mount from the wall. Please prepare to repair any holes after the move is complete.

Mounting TV

We can help out with mounting the TV at your new place! The following fees will apply for TV mounting:

  • 32″ – 40″ – $75.00
  • 42″ – 60″ – $85.00
  • 62″ – 75″ – $95.00

We can only provide service to mount TVs onto drywall. Unfortunately, we do not mount TVs onto brick or stone. Need a new mount for your TV? Check out the options at Best Buy to get everything you need for your new home!

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Happy Moving!