ratchet strap

Load Only Moves: Trucks & PODs

Do you have a truck or POD/U-Box that you are just not sure how to load? Do you need a load-only move? No worries! We can help with the heavy lifting and get your items safely loaded and ready for transport.

You will need to have at least one ratchet strap to secure the load. Using the ratchet strap will ensure that the load does not shift during transit. This avoids items becoming damaged and is a requirement. You can buy ratchet straps at Home DepotLowe’sU-Haul, or any other location that sells moving supplies.

While we provide stretch wrap for load-only moves, we do not provide furniture blankets for load-only moves. We greatly recommend that you purchase furniture blankets for the main furniture items. Check out the options at Home Depot and Lowe’s. It is best to have at least one to two furniture blankets per item that you want to wrap. This will provide the proper protection for your items during transit.

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Happy Moving!