Moving with Kids & Limiting Stress

Moving is stressful.  Moving with kids is even more challenging.  As adults, we expect to deal with anxiety and frustration when it comes to moving.  We know that changing up the normal routine will make things difficult for a while.  While adults usually expect the anxiety and frustration ahead of time, kids don’t really know what to expect.   

Kids don’t usually understand the complexities involved with moving and they are overwhelmed easily by the new places and changes.  Small things that go wrong can lead to extreme stress and frustration on moving day especially if they are nervous about the move. 

The best way to combat anxiety is to have a plan.  It is best to plan for your kids to stay with a friend or relative during the move.  If that is not an option, be sure to have your kids’ favorite items set to the side to keep them entertained during the move.

Information is power!  Talk to your kids about the move and let them know what to expect.  Answer any questions that they may have to make the process easier for them. Use games to make unpacking fun and exciting for the whole family. Be patient with kids as they adapt to the changes and just remember that a move is stressful on everyone! For more resources and tips on moving with kids, check out this article at

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Happy Moving!