moving with seniors

Moving for Seniors: Downsizing

Moving as a senior citizen comes along with specific challenges. Things that once seemed easy to complete may have become more difficult and time consuming. Often times, as seniors move out of larger homes into more manageable homes, they must donate or sell many of their items in order to move into smaller spaces. 

A great place to donate unwanted items is your local Goodwill.  A little extra help is needed when the time comes to prepare for moving as a senior.  Family members and friends can be of great help during such times.  Though we don’t offer packing services, we can help with ensuring that items are transported with care to ensure that precious items are well cared for during transit.

When the time has come time to transition out of a house that has become too large, we offer services to relocate items into storage facilities, donation centers, apartments and assisted living facilities.  Click here to submit your information to get a free estimate today. Our trained professionals will assist with the heavy lifting so that you can enjoy your new beginning!

Happy Moving!