Stair fees

Stair Fees: Overweight & Bulky Items

Most household furniture is very manageable in terms of size and weight. However, sometimes, furniture pieces are larger and heavier than normal. If you have a piece of furniture that is bulky or weighs over 175 pounds, a flight fee of $15.00 per flight of stairs will apply.

Some examples of items that typically result in flight fees include armoires, marble-topped dressers, mirrored tables and sofa beds. While the items listed are some of the items that may result in the fee, other items may result in the fee also. If you have a question about whether your large item will result in a flight fee, feel free to contact us.

A flight of stairs is considered six or more stairs. Split stairwells are considered two separate flights of stairs. If you have any questions about items that may result in flight fees, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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