Piano moving

Piano Moving: Can We Help?

We can help with moving your upright piano! A piano fee of $50.00 will apply. Unfortunately, we are unable to move grand pianos and baby grand pianos. While we can provide services to move your upright piano from ground floor to ground floor, we can’t move pianos up or down flights of stairs. Please be sure that the piano is going from ground floor to ground floor with no stairs required.

Do you absolutely need the piano to go up or down a flight of stairs? We suggest reaching out to piano movers like Atlanta Piano Moving & Rental and maybe they can help you out.

Our movers use furniture blankets and stretch wrap to protect your upright piano during transit. It is best to cover piano keys and pedals with bubble wrap. Unfortunately, we do not supply or sell bubble wrap. Please purchase bubble wrap at a location that sells moving supplies. Please have it on-site and available to the crew if you would like for them to use it to protect your piano.

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Happy Moving!