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Add-On Services

Washer & Dryer Disconnections/Connections

A fee of $7.50 per disconnection/connection will apply for washers and dryers.  Unfortunately, we do not provide connections for gas dryers.  For safety, please contact an appliance company near you to schedule to have your gas dryer connected.

Bulky Item/Item Over 175 Lbs

A fee of $15.00 per flight of stairs will apply for bulky items and items weighing in excess of 175 pounds.  A landing in between two sets of stairs is classifed as two sets of stairs.  Common items over 175 lbs include marble-topped/mirrored dressers, treadmills, armoires, sleeper sofas, etc.

Upright Piano

A piano fee of $50.00 will apply in addition to the hourly rate to move an upright piano.  Unfortunately, we do not move pianos up, or down, stairs.  Unfortunately, we do not move grand pianos or baby grand pianos.

TV Mounting Services-Drywall Only

Up to 32" - $60

33-65" - $80

Over 65" - Sorry, we can't help with this!

Please have the mount on-site and availble to the crew if you would like this service.  Sorry, we are unable to install wiring behind the wall and mount TVs on brick and stone.